BASE Consulting does it better

Building relationships . . . Finding solutions . . . Creating value


1. Made-to-measure Solutions

Not sure what you need? Sit down with us and we’ll figure it out. Whatever the context–full-service association management…temporary support such as filling the executive director’s role during recruitment for a permanent hire… or managing ongoing activities like monthly financial reports or fundraisers – we’ll meet it. With our flexible approach, we can use our in-house team, work with the in-house staff and/or draw on our partners’ expertise to achieve results.

2. Head Office Advantage

Benefit from a professional approach, centralized records and a dedicated team without the overhead of a stand-alone office. Choose from a traditional “concrete and mortar” base of operations or the virtual version.

3. Economies of Scale

Enjoy cost-effective solutions for insurance, meeting space, marketing and communications, technology and much more through our extensive network of reliable suppliers in Canada and worldwide. Dealing with them on a regular basis for multiple clients, we realize savings that we pass on. The client can then invest funds that would otherwise cover day-to-day expenses to advance the goals of the organization and members.

4. No More HR Headaches

Our team provides a package of skill sets tailored to the client’s specific needs. This eliminates the need to hire numerous staff or suppliers with expertise in different areas or find the rare individual who is qualified to handle multiple functions. We can provide extra and specialized personnel for busy periods and special projects.

5. Professional Partnerships

Our carefully nurtured relationships with public relations, government relations, leagal advisors, accountants, and other specialist consultants provide strategic links to allies in many sectors, opening the door to growth, funding and increased recognition.

6. Excellent Working Relationships

Our team approach maximizes productivity and enhances communication with clients and their members, Board, volunteers and, if applicable, employees. We leverage our backgrounds in government, finance, journalism, industry relations and other areas and represent clients in a professional manner and support their best interests at all times.

7. Financial Expertise

We can create and work to any budget with cost-effective management of all activities being a top priority. Depend on us for the full range of financial services, including budgeting, financial statements, audit preparation and sponsorship program management.


8. Strategic Focus

Experienced and objective, we can help to formally articulate an organization’s goals and streamline operations to increase productivity through a Strategic Plan. The plan can be used as a reference point for future members, partners and the greater audience. The advantages are three-fold: clarify the organization’s mandate, put the mandate into operation and protect it for the future. We are also highly skilled at ensuring the strategy in the plan is applied across all initiatives in the organization.


9. Credibility

A respected multi-management company since 1988, our roots run deep in association management, event management, and consultancy. Our dedicated team keeps abreast of new ideas and practices through active involvement in a variety of industry associations. Base is firmly committed to working towards a better world in ways that also benefit our clients.

10. Multilingual

Our multiple languages are a definite asset. Offering formal and informal services, we can ensure that your phone line is answered in either of Canada’s official languages and provide other assistance, such as effective communication with international members.

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