This is Base Consulting’s 30th anniversary!  It has been an exhilarating whirlwind.

We joke that there is never a quiet time of year except for Christmas, when we can take a break and be fairly confident that our clients and partners will do the same.   Otherwise, working with a wide range of clients, across a myriad of sectors, a variety of geographic locations and countries, we find that we are strategizing, planning and implementing all year round.

Consulting and projects have always formed a vital component of what we do.  But increasingly we have recognised that the “partnership” dynamic of this role and the stimulus of creative work ensures a true symbiosis with every client, and as a result, far greater success.

And we are so very thankful to our industry colleagues from around the world for sharing information and developing best practices – at the Association Management Companies Institute (AMCI), at ASAE, at CSAE, at MPI, at IMEX and so many more…..for being best-in-class world leaders in promoting excellence and advancing industry standards in the association and meeting fields.

Mostly, we are grateful to our partners – our clients – for their continued support and engagement.   Thirty years ago, when I joined my father, Brian Lechem, in the precursor to Base Consulting and Management Inc., it was to support one specific client in the public affairs realm, and to contribute to other association activities.   My father’s entry into the association world had been almost incidental, just a few years before that, arising from a simple enquiry from him to transfer his membership from the UK Institute of Directors to a Canadian body.     There was no Canadian body.   So he became the Founding President of the Institute of Corporate Directors, which has subsequently followed a trajectory to major success and standard-setting in Canada.   Brian wrote several pamphlets on corporate governance, eventually publishing under John Wiley & Sons, and forged the standards which we adhere to today at Base Consulting, for excellence, oversight and strong management.

My own background in political science/international relations, provided the right perspectives for interacting with members, partners, committees and organisations writ large.  There is nothing so satisfying as developing objectives and goals collaboratively, forging synergies and producing excellence.

When I reflect on the professional fields that we have touched, I feel we have been given the gift of insight into the world encapsulated – from accounting, insurance, finance, capital markets, women in business, human resources, public affairs, mediation, IT, engineering, materials handling, workplace safety, transportation, healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on….

We have been privileged to travel the world.   There is scarcely a continent where we have not arranged a meeting, coordinated an event or attended as a participant.    Along the way, we have built a worldwide network of colleagues and supplier partners, who have become firm friends!  How reassuring to know that if we need a contact in any given country, for specific expertise, the solution and introduction is a connection away!  This ability to reach out to talented colleagues translates into efficiency and results in other areas of our work, such as advocacy, public relations, legal expertise and more.

And at the end of the day, that is what makes it all tick – the people!   I have referred to our external partners: our clients, our collaborators, our suppliers, our industry colleagues – all of whom make us shine, and whose expertise is valued beyond measure.   But none would be possible without the internal team – the specially treasured group of colleagues who “toil in the trenches” alongside me.    Over 30 years, it is impossible to list all the talented individuals who have shared their working life with Base Consulting, whether for a project, or over a number of years.  It is a particular blessing to collaborate with creative minds, to be stimulated by the excellence of members of the team and to know that together we have achieved some pretty heady successes.   Thank you all a million times for bringing your genius to our table and for your unqualified support!

Did I mention my family?   How would I have managed this journey without their support?   My husband has commented on endless plans and scenarios, has helped with various office construction and moving projects over the years and has held the fort at home during many work-related trips.  Each of our three children, now launched in their own successful careers, has spent time working with Base Consulting and adding their own talents to the mix.    They have been and they are brilliant – providing advice and insights to this day.

Here’s to the next 30 years of collaboration and success to one and all!

Ruth Abrahamson

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