The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) Trillium Chapter recently turned to Base Consulting and Management’s Ruth Abrahamson and Emma Roberts for their insight on the virtual operation of international associations for its Forum newsletter. The following excerpt is from the article, “Associations Operating Virtually – Their Experience.”

Working Virtually in a Global Village
“Ruth Abrahamson is the CEO of Base Consulting, an association management company that operates international associations virtually. She shared that it is important to facilitate engagement among team members and ensure they appreciate how their roles intersect. They need to be provided the right tools (laptop, mobile phone, 4-in-one printer and fast internet). Respect and consideration for cultural differences is important. Emma Flood is Director, Strategic Services, with Base, and she emphasizes the challenge of accommodating significant time zones, and uses Doodle to make the setting of meetings more manageable.”

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